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A book that transmits strong emotions thanks to unpublished and wise photographs documenting a moment in the history of Reggio Calabria in which the whole population, and in particular women in massive presence, protested for the recognition of their rights.

After Romeo and Juliet, a new character adds to the fame of this fascinating city.
Verona anthropomorphized by me into a beautiful Goddess in 12 minutes of reading tells us its fascinating story. Mythological, ethical and commercial aspects are present in this brief reading, causing Mayor Sboarina to define it with these words, "The Goddess Verona enriches our city with an important creative contribution".

When a city fascinates you with its double life, one in the old part in its souk, where life shows itself with all its authentic humanity and in the modern city that tries to amaze us with its architecture, telling us that the era of tents in the desert of a few decades ago it's over.

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